Waikato Waldorf School

Governance and Management

An integrated school

Waikato Waldorf School was established as a private concern in 1996, beginning with a Class One of 9 children. Two years later it became an ‘Integrated Full Primary School’. This means it is part of the New Zealand State education system and is, therefore, partially funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE). The MOE funding pays for some teachers and for the school’s running costs.

An ‘Integrated’ school must have, by law, a ‘special character’. The majority of ‘Integrated’ schools in New Zealand are religious – we are not. Our ‘special character’ rests in the educational aims and practices of the school. The ‘special character’ of the school is safeguarded in law through our ‘Integration Agreement’ with the Crown.

The school is subject to review by the Education Review Office (ERO) (http://www NULL.ero NULL.govt NULL.nz/) and has a Board of Trustees in the same way as other State schools. ERO comments about the school can be viewed online. View Waikato Waldorf School ERO Report 2009 (http://www NULL.ero NULL.govt NULL.nz/ero/reppub NULL.nsf/0/430DB9883D537F7FCC25761700815256/$File/539 NULL.htm?Open).

The Board Of Trustees

Because the school is ‘State Integrated’ it must have a Board of Trustees (BOT), comprised of parents, Proprietors’ Trust representatives, teachers, and the principal. The Board’s role is ‘governance’ – it ensures that the school is well led and managed. The Board is the employer of the teaching staff and ultimately responsible for all aspects of the school’s operations, including legal matters. Meet the Board of Trustees.


The Principal’s role is one of day-to-day management and school leadership. The Principal makes the Board’s vision a reality, implements the Board’s policies, and monitors the work of staff towards the achievement of the school’s goals. The principal manages and assesses delivery of the curriculum and is the staff team leader. Meet our teaching staff and kindergarteners.

The Proprietors’ Trust

The Proprietors’ Trust supervises and maintains the special character of the school, and determines from time-to-time what is necessary to preserve and safeguard it. The Proprietors’ Trust owns the school premises and land. Our school’s proprietors are also responsible for the governance of Miro House Kindergartens and Kowhai Childcare.