Waikato Waldorf School

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of five elected parent representatives, a staff elected representative, up to four members of the Proprietors Trust and the Principal. Elected positions are generally for a term of three years. The Board members elect a chairperson from the parent elected members. The role of the chairperson is to steer the meetings of the Board; to liaise with the Principal on matters where governance and management interact; and to act as spokesperson for the Board.

The Board may also co-opt other persons onto the Board who are deemed to have skills which enhance the Board’s ability to govern. A Co-opted member has the same full voting rights as an elected member.

Board meetings are held at intervals deemed appropriate to ensure the effective governance of the school. These are typically monthly. Board meetings are open public meetings and parents are encouraged to attend and review the minutes of the board which are currently held on file in the main office. At times matters, such as staffing issues, are considered to be confidential and the Board will go ‘into committee’ and only members of the Board who are not directly shall be present. A separate set of confidential minutes is recorded in a book which is kept secure for legal reasons.

BoT members 2017:

Sue Bradley (Principal)
Andrew McFadden (Chair)
David Gray
Vanessa Karsten
Nick Clothier
Carl Saunders
Tracey Burgess
Richard Jefferies
Adam Plimmer

Kate Woodcock

The BoT meets on Wednesday evenings.